Whilst we set the highest possible academic expectations for all children, we are equally committed to the development of the whole child. Our aim is to provide an exciting school experience, through the provision of a broad yet enriched curriculum, based upon active learning.

A Unique Child

Every child is different and we seek to be flexible in our approach to learning and teaching, so that every individual can reach their potential. This is an important aspect of our commitment to personalising learning.  We are dedicated to the principle of inclusion, including support for children with special needs and appropriate challenge for our most able children; this is underpinned by a whole school commitment to equality and diversity.

Positive Relationships

Positive interactions between teacher and child are the basis of successful learning at Bromley Heath Junior School. We foster mutual respect between all the members of our school community; emotional and social development forms a key part of our school curriculum. We are committed to effective communication as the key to a successful home-school partnership. Furthermore, we seek to engage all parents as active participants in their children’s education.

Enabling Environments

Successful teaching starts with the individual child; our class teachers are continually assessing and then building upon the children’s current level of understanding. They seek to create and maintain a secure yet stimulating learning environment, in which every child can succeed. Beyond the classroom, we enjoy an inspirational outdoor learning environment.

Learning and Development

Children develop and learn in different ways and all areas of learning are important and interconnected. We seek to develop the whole child through an integrated curriculum that encompasses a broad range of exciting learning experiences. At the heart of our approach is a belief that learning is a life-long process; we aim to develop every child into a successful, independent learner.

Bromley Heath Junior School is a collaborative learning community where everyone is encouraged to approach every new day with confidence and enthusiasm.