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Headteacher: Tracy Serle


Address: Bromley Heath Junior School
Quakers Road
BS16 6NJ

Cake Sales

Cake Sale Procedure

  1. Children decide if they’d like to run a cake sale and decide on the charity that is being supported.
  2. Book a date with Mrs Simons.
  3. One/two team members to ask a family member to come into school to support the event. Alert Mrs Simons. If a family member cannot help, school will secure a helper wherever possible.
  4. Cake Sale posters to be made and displayed one week prior to the event. Can be stuck on glass and hard surfaces in the school (not painted walls please!)
  5. Cakes to be made! There are 240 children in school, so divide up the amount between as many people as you can. Ask the class to get involved! Ask the office to send out a text to ask for cake donations at the beginning of the week!
  6. Usually a maximum of 50p per child to bring in for spending.  If there is a raffle or squash to be sold this can increase to £1. (Cake sale organisers must provide plates/cups/napkins if appropriate)
  7. Remember to bring a float! Money must be counted and banked/given to charity by cake sale organisers. Please ask the adult helper to take the money home on the day of the sale!
  8. Children/helpers are responsible for all containers from donated cakes and must ensure they are returned promptly.
  9. Remember to inform the office/ Mrs Simons of the final amount raised for your charity!