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Headteacher: Tracy Serle


Address: Bromley Heath Junior School
Quakers Road
BS16 6NJ

Children’s Involvement

Young Leadership Team (YLT)


Young Leaders:

The YLT is a club which selects pupils all around the school in each year to represent their class.

At YLT, we decide what we will do with people’s suggestions and worries. We also come up with suggestions to help the school in whatever way we can.

At this moment, we are putting together a necklace of gems which each represent having a growth mindset and also includes the school’s core values of resilience, respect, kindness, courage, responsibility and positivity.

The first gem is Diamond – this means asking questions about learning and using recources around them. The next gem is Ruby, this means managing distractions. The next gem is Emerald, this means trying different strategies in the pupil’s work. The next gem is Sapphire, this means trying challenging questions from their teachers. The next gem is Pearl, this means children and adults using positive phrases.

 Last but not least, the Necklace this represents all the gems which have joint together with each other to demonstrate making good progress in their learning. We will soon be visiting classrooms and conducting observations to see if we can see evidence of growth mindset within lessons.