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Headteacher: Tracy Serle


Address: Bromley Heath Junior School
Quakers Road
BS16 6NJ

Reading at BHJS

At BHJS, we encourage children to read a range of fiction genre and also explore a range of non-fiction texts both in and out of school.  Regular reading in this way will significantly improve children’s ideas for writing, understanding of language/sentence structure and develop maturity in their writing style… leading to fabulous progress.

Reading Expectations

  • Each week, children should aim to read 5 times, which should be recorded in the back of their home learning books.

           For Year 3/4, 1 read = 15mins

           For Year 5/6, 1 read = 20 mins

  • Reading should be with an adult whenever possible although independent reading still counts towards the weekly total.
  • The children’s reading will be celebrated weekly on their class reading challenge.
  • Two raffle tickets will be awarded for reading 5 times or more.

Book Lists

Please find below book lists for Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 to help in selecting age appropriate books for home.  If you would like any extra guidance, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Comprehension questions

In Key Stage 2, there is a much greater focus on developing comprehension skills as children become competent with decoding.  To support this, we would strongly encourage you to discuss your child’s reading with them throughout the school.  In school, we have grouped the comprehension targets for each year group into 6 key areas known as ‘VIPERS’. Please find below (see link) questions for these key skills which are appropriate for all of KS2.  You will also find the curriculum objectives for each year group organised into the VIPERS skills.