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Headteacher: Tracy Serle


Address: Bromley Heath Junior School
Quakers Road
BS16 6NJ


SATS Results

The following table shows our SATs results. Level 4 is the expected attainment for a pupil aged 11.  The Level 5+ section shows the percentage of pupils who achieved Level 5, which is above average for a pupil aged 11.

We value progress and attainment in all areas of school life, but it is simply not possible to show statistical evidence for subjects such as Art or Citizenship. We celebrate the whole range of children’s achievements in newsletters, assemblies, school performances and at special events throughout the year.

Percentage of children who achieved level 4 or above:

Reading 100%

GPS (SPAG) 95%

Writing 100%

Maths 93%

Percentage of children who have improved by 2 or more levels between KS1 and KS2:

Reading 100%

Writing 100%

Maths 90%

Percentage of children who achieved level 5 or above:

Reading 77%

GPS 70%

Writing 57%

Maths 47%

  School National
% Pupils achieving expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths 56% 53%
Average progress in Reading 0.45 0
Average progress in Writing -3.25 0
Average progress in Maths -2.11 0
% of pupils achieving a high level of attainment in Reading, Writing and Maths 3% 5%
Average scaled score in Reading 104.8 102.6
Average scaled score in Maths 102.6 103

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