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Headteacher: Tracy Serle


Address: Bromley Heath Junior School
Quakers Road
BS16 6NJ

School Organisation

How we organise the school

The School Standard Number is 60, meaning that we have two classes per year group, with a total of approximately 240 Key Stage 2 children. We are a very popular school and class numbers do sometimes slightly exceed 30, when extra pupils are admitted on appeal to the Local Authority. The school is organised into 8 classes, with a teaching establishment of Head plus 8.4 full-time equivalent teachers.

Class Teachers 2017-18

Year 3 Angel Fish Allison Cole
Year 3 Archer Fish Becky Medlicott (Mon-Wed) / Kim Tulitt (Thurs-Fri)
Year 4 Puffer Fish Helen Gabler
Year 4 Orcas Chloe Maynard
Year 5 Stingrays Amy Speirs
Year 5 Swordfish Jane Massey
Year 6 Tetras Caroline Harding
Year 6 Tiger Fish Abigail Hodge/Nicola Gliddon


School Leadership Team

Tracy Serle Headteacher, Child Protection Lead
Abigail Hodge Deputy Headteacher, Curriculum Leader/ Inclusion Leader
Chloe Maynard Wider Curriculum and Computing Leader


Teaching Assistants

Sarah Simons HLTA and Family Link Worker
Lynne Pick Year 3 TA
Helen Westcott Year 4 TA
Jill Riggs Year 5 TA
Jessica Cresswell Year 6 TA
Kelly Wood SEN TA
Jane Williams SEN TA
Rose Carrington SEN TA