Attendance and Absence


We are very proud of our Attendance Record. Our attendance for 2018/2019 was 97.3%. Our target for 2019/2020 has been set at 98%.

We were the second highest primary school in South Gloucestershire in 2018/19 and would like to thank our Parents/Carers and Pupils for ensuring our attendance figures remain outstanding.  Please keep it up!

If your child is absent from school

If your child is absent from school it is essential that you contact the school by telephone before 9.00am. At this point, the registers will be checked and any absentees will be telephoned. Unauthorised absences (those absences for which no reasonable explanation has been given) will be recorded on your child’s attendance registration certificate and annual report.

Term Time Absence and Special Occasions

The Government has made an amendment to the 2006 regulations on term time absence. Schools are now prohibited from authorising any leave in term time; unless there are exceptional circumstances. We have updated our Attendance and Punctuation Policy to reflect these changes.

A full copy of our attendance and punctuality policy is available here.