Throughout your child’s time at our school, teachers will assess their progress against the National Curriculum attainment targets for each subject. Towards the end of Year 6, all pupils will participate in Standardised Assessment Tests[SATs]. These written tests focus on English, and Mathematics.  The results of these externally marked tests will be included in the children’s Annual Report, together with Teacher Assessed Levels for these subjects.Throughout the year every child’s performance in English (Reading, Writing and Spelling) and Mathematics (including Mental Arithmetic) will be assessed using a range of teacher assessment and testing. This process is conducted formally three times annually; outcomes identifying learning gaps and being used to adjust end of year expectations. We are committed to every child and aim for them to reach and exceed their own learning potential. A Teacher Assessed Level for these subjects will be included in the children’s Annual report, issued in July.

Parents’ Evenings

Three times a year Parents’ Consultations are held which provide an opportunity for discussion between parent and teacher about children’s progress, their strengths and areas for development. We always aim to work in partnership with Parents and if you would like to discuss your child’s progress at any other time, please contact the school and we will be pleased to make a mutually convenient appointment.