PTA Events

Please support our Friends of School!

Our Friends of School Association have continued to work tirelessly to create a range of fabulous and fun opportunities for our children throughout the year. Through all of their efforts we have been able to purchase and enjoy many additional benefits for the school across the school year but increasingly the support for the group has been diminishing. We are now in a situation where a core and very small hand-ful of people are being relied on to arrange and supervise these activities—this is not sustainable.
I am sure that you will agree that our children would be disadvantaged if we were faced with no FoS in the coming year as we have come to expect and appreciate their presence at many of our annual events but, without your help, this is unfortunately what is likely to happen.

If you could volunteer for just one event throughout the course of the year, it would make all the difference. Please contact Jayne Tindall via the school office if you are able to help either at our approaching summer event or next year.