A number of policies are available here for download. If you do not see the one you need please contact the school office. Paper copies of all documents are available from the school.

Anti-Bullying Policy Sept 2020  Anti-Bulling Bullying Flowchart 2021

Attendance and Punctuality Policy January 2020

Penalty Notices – Parents Carers Leaflet

Behaviour Management Policy Sept 2020

Charging and Remissions Policy Sept 2019

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2020

COVID-19 Addendum for CP_Safeguarding policy

Code of Conduct for Pupils on School Trips

Concerns Complaints Policy Sept 2019

Curriculum Statement July 2019

E-Safety Policy January 2021

Best Practice Guidelines (Appendix to E-Safety Policy) January 2021

Equalities Diversity and Community Cohesion Policy May 2019

FGM Policy November 2019

Governors Code of Conduct September 2020

Governors Allowances May 2020

Health and Safety Policy July 2020

Infection Control Policy November 2020

Intimate Care Policy January 2021

Jigsaw (including RSE) Policy September 2019

Key Principles Underpinning Assessment

Legionella Control Policy November 2020

Lettings Policy November 2019 – Reviewed Jan2020

Marking and Feedback Policy Mar 2020

Medical Needs Policy November 2019

No Smoking Policy March 2021

NQT Policy March 2021

Phonics and Spelling Policy November 2020

Pupil Mobile Phone

Pupil Premium Policy March 2020

Tackling Radicalisation Extremism Policy January 2020

Reflection and Collective Worship Policy May 2019

Remote Learning Policy Sept 2020

School Trips Visits Policy July 2018

Self Harm Policy November 2019

SEND Policy Oct 2020

COVID -19 Addendum for SEND policy BHJS

Snow, Bad Weather and Emergency Closure Policy

Social Media Policy March 2019

Staff Code of Conduct May 2021 (LA Model)

Teachers Pay Policy November 2020

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