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Headteacher: Tracy Serle


Address: Bromley Heath Junior School
Quakers Road
BS16 6NJ


All staff, whether paid or voluntary, have a crucial role to play in shaping the lives of children and young people.  They have a unique opportunity to interact with children in ways that are both affirming and inspiring.All staff are in a position of trust and have a duty to keep children and young people safe and to protect them from neglect and physical and emotional harm.  This duty is in part exercised through the development of respectful, caring and professional relationships between staff and pupils.  All staff are familiar with local child protection arrangements and understand their responsibilities in order to safeguard and protect children and young people.All staff will immediately report any concerns regarding child welfare to the Headteacher, the designated Teacher for Child Protection.  In the case of suspected abuse, the school is required under South Gloucestershire Council procedures, to consult the Social Services Department.  Parents may seek advice and guidance from the Education Welfare Officer for the school, or contact the Social Services Department direct, if necessary.

Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2016

Safer Recruitment in Schools and Academies – September 2016

Guidance for Safer Working Practice – September 2016