Extra Curricular Clubs

Music Lessons run as follows:

Guitar – Thursday (after school)

Woodwind – Tuesday (during school hours)

Violin – Friday (during lunchtime)

These are sometimes  subject to change

Out of School Learning

School clubs provide important opportunities for children to enrich their education and experience outside normal school lessons. Through staff volunteering, parents giving their time and externally engaged agencies, we provide a range of clubs which cater for a variety of interests. These have included Art, Football, Tag Rugby, Cooking, Netball, and Multi Skills. We also provide access to a wide range of other sports events through our active participation in a local network of schools. Clubs are extremely popular and many are oversubscribed, we try our very best to ensure that every child can experience the club they wish during their time with us at Bromley Heath. Extra activities are also provided during lunchtimes, when all children can participate in play activities through our Play Pod equipment.